The Department of Public policy and Law

The Department of Public policy and Law was organized on 1 July 2015 and is a structural division of School of Public policy and Law" carries out preparation of bachelors on the basis of the State obligatory standards on specialties: 5V051000 "State and local management",  5В050500 - "regional Studies", 5В051400 - "public relations" and masters on specialty 6M051000 - "State and local management".

Preparation of masters and bachelors on specialty 6M051000 - "State and local management", 5B051000 "State and local management", 5В050500 - "regional Studies" and  5В051400- "public relations" is implemented on the basis of state license № 14008551 issued by the Committee for control in education and science Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 11.06.2014.

On December 23, 2016 7 educational programs of a bachelor degree, including "Jurisprudence", "Public relations" and "Regional Studies", were awarded specialized accreditation for a period of 5 years by the decision of Accreditation Council of IAAR (Independent Agency for accreditation and rating).


The mission of the Department is to provide quality education in the field of state and local government, area studies, and public relations, development of science of Kazakhstan in three directions and educational services in the field of state and public policy.

In accordance with the mission the main objectives of the Department are:

  • implementation of training highly qualified and competitive labor market specialists in the field of state and public policy;
  • construction of highly moral, competent leaders for the various levels of government, responsible leaders of Kazakh business with creative thinking;
  • conducting demand in society, economy and politics scientific research focused on their practical implementation.

To achieve these goals, the following tasks:

  • career guidance with the aim of attracting to the teaching specialties of the Department students interested in obtaining a bachelor's degree in the field of "State and public policy", "public relations" and "regional Studies" and a master's degree in the specialty "State and local management", and sees his future career in the field of state and public policy;
  • improving the quality of training, introduction of information technologies in educational process;
  • conducting essential innovative scientific and practical studies and implementation of results in the sphere of production of goods, services, public administration and political life of the country;
  • the professional development of faculty and staff through participation in conferences, seminars and training courses both in Kazakhstan and abroad.