Seminars, trainings and master classes


May 4, 2016 Expert Center ALMA U NGOs and the Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia (EFCA) will hold a seminar on social entrepreneurship -training for NGOs of Almaty, South Kazakhstan region and Almaty region within the framework of the project "Sustainability Expert NGO Center Initiative", implemented with the support of Chevron in Kazakhstan.

The training aims to develop the capacity of NGOs to engage in social entrepreneurship and learning the basics of social entrepreneurship.

Project participants will receive not only theoretical knowledge, but also to reinforce their practical tasks.

Training will be held at the School of Social Entrepreneurship at the NGO Expert Center, where experts and experienced trainers will provide training and advice on the subject. Training will take place on 2 yazykah- Kazakh and Russian.

Social entrepreneurship - a pioneering work, originally aimed at the solution or alleviation of social problems of society in the conditions of self-sufficiency and sustainability







School of Public and Social Policy April 15, 2016 held a free workshop Ruslan Kalimullina for managers and educators on the topic: "Cutting-edge technology of goal-setting."

Программа мастер-класса


  • Goal: 100% focus on achieving results;
    Picture of the world and the leader of persuasion - the basis of the behavior of scenarios;
    Increased personal effectiveness manager (ability to achieve its goals with minimal resource costs);
    Removing barriers and limiting beliefs on the way to achieving the goal;
    Leadership Energy: potential difference "minus-plus" and focus on future results.


Simple and super-effective technique that you learn by visiting the author's master class Ruslan Kalimullina will allow you to properly set and chronically reach your goals!

The master class, you will learn and learn how to:
• Properly set goals at work, in personal development and personal life for the next year;
• Create a system of beliefs that support your movement to the objectives;
• New patterns of behavior and habits necessary to achieve the objectives;
• Remove the internal barriers that hinder your progress;
• Get access to your hidden internal resources;
• Make the following year, the best year in comparison with previous years;

• Become more successful, healthier and happier.