Master's degree programme


The master's degree of Alma University (AlmaU) is the professional training program of postgraduate education directed on preparation administrative and scientifically - pedagogical shots with award of the academic degree "Master" on the corresponding specialty.
The magistracy represents the second level of training of specialists according to the 4 + 2 program 
(the Bachelor’s degree + the Master’s degree).

The two-level system of the higher education is entered in Kazakhstan within accession of our country to the Bologna Process meaning rapprochement of systems of the higher education of the different countries for the purpose of creation of uniform European space of the higher education. For this reason the diploma of the master is clear around the world!
The specialty "Management" - entered in TOP-2 in the republican rating which is carried out by the Center of Bologna Process and the academic mobility of RK
The program of the Masters of 7 years in the market of a business education of RK
7 most actual specialties

Magistracy lets:
1. To deepen specialization and to continue training in magistracy in the professional direction / specialty which already chosen on the Bachelor degree.
2. Cardinally to replace the direction of training. In other words, doing the MA course the student can choose any specialty and the direction of training, irrespective of the first specialty.
3. In addition, the Master - is a great way to get the two adjacent specialties(management / marketing, economics / finance, etc.).


Benefits of the Master’s degree of Alma University:
1. Bachelor’s degree + Magistracy = Full higher education!
2. Receiving prestigious degree "The master of economics and business" or "The master of economic sciences" on a certain specialty / direction.
3. Teachers – practitioners;
4. Modern actual specialties;
5. Profound studying of bases of management and business;
6. An emphasis on acquisition by the listener of practical business skills and knowledge;
7. The international character of the program – exit / exchange modules, scientific trainings: Japan, Korea, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Kyrgyzstan;
8. Convenient timetable, opportunity to combine work and study;
9. Possibility of employment in the company – partners of Alma University, through the Center of career of Alma University;
10. Free courses on preparation for entrance examinations;
11. Fixed tuition fees, flexible payment system;
12. Discount to graduates of Alma University;
13. The internal competitions of Alma University are a unique opportunities to win a discount of 25% for education in Alma University’s Magistracy.


Directions of education on Master’s degree 
The profile:

  • 1 year (with the first economics education)
  • 1.5 years (with the first not economics education)

The scientific and pedagogical:

  • 2 years (irrespective of education)

Profiled Magistracy implements professional training programs of postgraduate education in management training for sectors of the economy, the service and business possessing profound professional training.
After finishing 1 or 1,5-year profile magistracy, the degree of "The master of economics and business" is entitled on the specialties:
• Management
• Finance
• Marketing
• Project management 
and the degree of "The Master of Arts in Service" on the specialty "Logistics" and "Master of state and local administration".
Scientific-pedagogical Magistracy implements professional training programs of postgraduate education for the preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff for the system of postgraduate education and scientific sphere, having profound scientific and pedagogical training.
After the end of the scientific and pedagogical 2-year Magistracy, the degree of "Master of Economic Sciences" for the respective specialty is entitled.
Form of study: full-time, classes are conducted 5 times a week.
The scientific and pedagogical magistracy realizes professional training programs of postgraduate education on preparation of scientific and pedagogical shots for the system of postgraduate education and the scientific sphere having scientific and pedagogical preparation.
After the termination of scientific and pedagogical 2-year magistracy, degree "The master of economic sciences" on the corresponding specialty is appropriated.
Form of education: internal, classes are given - 5 times a week.