Analytics Workshop

Analytics Workshop  brings together prominent scholars and experts of Kazakhstan in political science, sociology, economics and related fields and involves in its activities international experts.

Our research work is aimed at studying the actual problems to provide concrete and actionable recommendations for policymakers and managers. The objectives of the Centre also includes research on issues in foreign and domestic policy, socio-economic development of the regions, preparation of materials forecasting and analytical nature to public institutions.

Special attention is given to research in the field of innovation policy: global trends of innovation policy and priorities of regional innovation policy. Most of these studies are characterized by interdisciplinary cooperation to improve regional policy and points the way to effective new solutions to pressing problems.

Analytics Workshop  can also carry out a specialized and narrow studies. For example, a study of the prospects for future investments in the region, identifying patterns of behavior and political preferences, opinion polls, etc. Our research work is aimed at professional analysis of the most actual problems of modernity and the creation of concrete recommendations for policy makers and managers.