Analytics Workshop

The Center for Political Studies operates the Analytics Workshop, which brings together the efforts of leading scientists and experts of the country in the field of political science, sociology, economics, jurisprudence and related fields.

Mission: preparation and training of young professionals who are able to further professionally navigate the issues of current trends in regional development and the modern system of international relations through the use of advanced achievements in the field of modeling the development of relevant global and regional processes.



- instilling in young professionals the necessary skills to conduct individual and collective research;

- assisting young professionals in mastering analytical skills, the ability to assess a specific situation, relay information into knowledge, develop their abilities for comparative analysis and synthesis;

– conducting joint monitoring and analysis with young specialists on the most pressing problems of international and regional security;

– preparation, together with young specialists, of relevant materials on the most important issues of the foreign policy and foreign economic agenda/policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

– preparation of monitoring and expert comments for further use in research, as well as articles for publication on the website, in University publications, and later in national and foreign journals.


The main emphasis in the studies of the Master Analytics is on studying the dynamics of possible challenges and risks that Kazakhstan could potentially face, both on the international arena and at the regional level, as well as on the analysis of the existing potential to ensure the sustainable development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Frequency of meetings:

- at least once a quarter.

Venue: creative zone of the University, premises of the Department of State and Public Policy and Law.

Time: as agreed (the announcement of the meetings can be posted on the School website).

List of participants:

– teachers of the School, students of all courses of the University.