School structure

The Institute of regional development

The main function of the Institute of regional development is conducting applied research on the basis of public, non-governmental and foreign grants, subsidies, contracts with other legal entities, sponsorship. Research focuses on the identification and use of reserves for sustainable regional development.
Kazakhstan and its various subjects (intellectual support of government agencies, non-governmental sector, business, educational, and cultural social structures and individual initiatives) on the basis of the relevant national, international and commercially viable projects in order to implement strategic development plans AlmaU.


The objects and directions of development:
1.The development and systematization of scientific-methodical base of teaching profiles “area studies”, “public administration and local governance” (finding and attracting highly qualified teachers; help in developing the content and audit of relevant training courses to interested departments and academic units; consulting organize and coordinate scientific-research work of students (the“School intelligence”); support relevant publications of professors with a high citation level; recommendations on introduction of modern innovative teaching methods in the educational process regional experts; conducting training seminars and trainings with participation of leading specialists).
2.Conducting relevant analytical studies and their public presentation in the media and the scientific and analytical field of the country and the region; regular brainstorming with the aim of making practical recommendations to interested state agencies, public sector and business profile of regional studies, state and local government.
3.Information-analytical support and promotion of commercially viable projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the profile of “area studies”, “public administration and local governance”.


The Institute of education development
Almaty Management University have become the new methodological center for business and economic education in Kazakhstan, the center of advanced training of managers of educational institutions, the training of teachers of business and economic subjects, an example of socially responsible higher education institution and a learning organization.


Institute of development education was created for the promotion of scientific level and content of educational process, modernization and development of education system in Kazakhstan through the study and implementation of best international and national experience in the context of globalization and the creation of an economy based on knowledge and innovation.The Institute of education works closely with strategic partners in the field of improvement of normative-methodical base business and economic education; development, testing and implementation of innovative educational programs, development and implementation of educational, Advisory and research programmes.

The objectives of the Institute:


  • Improving the quality of teaching and developing educational programs AlmaU
  • Promoting the modernization of the education system kazakhstanamerican the Institute of education development


The NGO expert center 
The work of the Expert Center NGO focused on the creation, accumulation and provision of current knowledge in the field of institutional development of non-governmental organizations. The centre established and developed a platform for effective interaction of experts in the development of civil sector in Kazakhstan  (

The NGO expert Center established on the basis of the IAB within the framework of the project "Initiative of capacity development of civil society in Kazakhstan" with the support of Chevron Kazakhstan.
The purpose of creation of the Expert Center are: strengthening the capacity of civil sector to provide better services and protect the interests of the population.

The Center's core activities focus on:
  • The collection, adaptation and development of materials related to the institutional development of NGOs.
  • Providing trainings and consultations on organizational development, management of NGOs, project management clients of the Center, including employees of NGOs, experts, representatives of international organizations, state institutions, business structures.
  • Providing access to methodological materials for customers via the website of the Center on state and Russian languages.

In 2012, the Center will focus on training trainers and consultants in the field of NGO.

The Department of "State and public policy" carries out preparation of bachelors on the basis of the State obligatory standards on specialties: 

5В051000 -"State and local management",
5В050500 -"Regional studies",
5В051400 - "Public relations",
and masters majoring 6M051000 - "State and local management"


The mission of the Department
Is to provide quality education in the field of state and local government, area studies, and public relations, development of science of Kazakhstan in three directions and educational services in the field of state and public policy.

The objectives of the Department
  • implementation of training highly qualified and competitive labor market specialists in the field of state and public policy;
  • construction of highly moral, competent leaders for the various levels of government, responsible leaders of Kazakh business with creative thinking;
  • conducting demand in society, economy and politics scientific research focused on their practical implementation;
  • career guidance with the aim of attracting to the teaching specialties of the Department students interested in obtaining a bachelor's degree in the field of "State and public policy", "public relations" and "regional Studies" and a master's degree in the specialty "State and local management", and sees his future career in the field of state and public policy;
  • improving the quality of training, introduction of information technologies in educational process;
  • conducting essential innovative scientific and practical studies and implementation of results in the sphere of production of goods, services, public administration and political life of the country;
  • the professional development of faculty and staff through participation in conferences, seminars and training courses both in Kazakhstan and abroad.