School of Law Trenings

"How to become a master of public speaking?"


May 23, 2015 in the walls of Almaty Management University held a master class on the topic: "How to become a master of public speaking?" Organized by the School of Law AlmaU. The event was attended by more than 40 lawyers Almaty City Bar, the staff and faculty of the university.



The main purpose of the event - the formation and development of skills of oratory.


Speaker of the master class addressed business coach, PhD, associate professor of the department of "general education subjects» AlmaU – Khan I.G.


The master class was held in an interactive form, where Irene Khan presented the event a meaningful and comprehensive program. Psychological aspects of lawyer speech in the courtroom sparked a lively discussion among the audience and continued in question and answer format, which allowed participants to get answers to their questions.  

Author training by D. Kanafin "New Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes:

Theory and practice points"


7 February 2015. Law School held author seminar by Daniyar Kanafin - Ph.D., associate professor, member of the Presidium of the Almaty City Bar Association, member of the Presidium of the National Bar Association, the deputy head of the Center for training and professional development of lawyers AGCA "New Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes: Theory and practices "for practitioners, lawyers and university professors.


The seminar was attended by lawyers and the Regional Bar Association (Almaty, Atyrau), lawyers RBK Bank, an international law firm Dentons. Participants were introduced to the main novels of the Criminal Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the notion of criminal offenses, the offense and the legal consequences in connection with the commission of a criminal offense.


Participants of seminar paid attention for independent review of reform of criminal procedural legislation in Kazakhstan. The new version of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan is significantly different from the acting criminal procedure law and the emergence of new subjects and institutions- investigating judge, unspoken investigations, court functions - deposition testimony, procedural agreement- plea agreement, an agreement on cooperation, an agreement on the use of abbreviated forms of legal proceedings. An exchange of views on applicable Kazakhstan precedent of the UN Committee on Human Rights. In connection with the adoption of new laws has not developed fully legal practice, due to the negligible time since the law came into effect. Excellent organization of a seminar of such level, according to the lecturer and participants, provided an opportunity to analyze the degree of implementation of legislative initiatives and to exchange views on topical issues of substantive and procedural law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


   Master-class on "How to legalize their property?"


11 December 2014. at 16.00 in the Almaty hall of Almaty Management University master class on "How to legalize their property?", which was organized by the Law School.

Master class was conducted by counsel, a member of the Almaty Regional Bar Association lawyers - Amangeldy Zhanbekov.

Master class was attended by representatives of companies "Prestige Realty AN", "Laton LLP", LLP "Global Analitik", LLP "Argo", the staff and teachers of Almaty Management University.



As part of the master class was conducted a comparative analysis of international experience in the procedure of legalization in countries such as Italy, Argentina and Russia, as well as the features and mechanisms of legalization of property in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

These problems caused a lively discussion among the participants were given qualified answers to questions from the audience in the framework of the mechanism and conditions for legalization of buildings (structures) in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the legalization procedure and the risks of its performance.