February, 26

Expert Center of NGO by School of Public Policy Alma University

We invite representatives of NGOs, social entrepreneurs and small businesses to participate in the webinar "fundraising marketing".

Webinar Dates: 14 - 15 March from 16.00 to 18.00 (Astana time)

Webinar organized by the Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia (EFCA) and the Expert Centre for NGOs of Almaty Management University in the framework of the project "Initiative for the development of expert capacity in NGOs", implemented with the support of "Chevron" company in Kazakhstan.

The purpose of the webinar: Introduce the concept of marketing and fundraising tools.

By participating in the webinar, you will:

- Learn about the concepts, strategies and marketing of fundraising;
- Learn how to classify donors;
- Will know how to build work with government agencies, businesses, funders;
- Get acquainted with the technique of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding;
Fundraising - the process of raising funds and other resources (human, material, information, etc...), Which the organization can not provide on their own and which are necessary for the implementation of a specific project or its activities as a whole. It is well known that no non-profit organization with no additional funds will not be able to carry out their public interest projects. The effectiveness of the non-profit marketing is achieved through formation of the communication environment in the real and virtual worlds, and relies on an extensive network of business partnerships. In this regard, especially important to have the right knowledge and skills fundraising marketing.

Coach: Galym Zhukupbaev, business coach, consultant, expert in the field of project management and innovation management. He held a series of training sessions for UNDP, ACDI VOCA, ABA, ISAR, KazTransOil, Business Support Fund, the Fund "Damu".


Language of the webinar - Russian.


To participate in the webinar, you need to fill out a form (attached) and send mail: (with a copy until 13 March, at 18:00 Astana time

For more information, please contact Kuanysheva Ainur, the coordinator of the NGO Expert Center (AlmaU) to the email address:, 8 (727) 3132394 (556), as well as to Zhazira Zhunisova, assistant project EFCA , by e-mail:, Phone: 8 (727) 2501810. (134)