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Club PR school and AlmaU: integration into the educational process

Club PR school and University of AlmaU: integration into the educational process Club PR-school, responded to the proposal of the University of AlmaU on cooperation in the field of PR-education, and in the 2017-2018 school year were involved in the educational process as professionals with practical theoretical experience of PR-activity.

A signed memorandum between the Public Association “Information Center Kazakhstan Press Club” and “Almaty Management University” in order to create a single space for the exchange of information and experience between media professionals, and students of the “Public Relations” faculty of the Higher School of State and Public Policy and Rights "under" Almaty Management University "through the development of the project" Press Kitchen ". The teachers from the club were Assel Karaulova (PGC), Natalya Eskova (KCell), Tatyana Shevchenko (VTB), Laura Barysova (UIB), Natalya Broslavskaya (DKU), who teach the following disciplines: PR-technologies, theory and practice Public Relations, advertising , PR in economics, finance and business, country PR, organization of work with the media, crisis management PR. Each representative of the club, having contacts in the environment of PR practitioners, invites other specialists in the field of communications to master classes at the university. Invited teachers from the organization of PR-shy Kazakhstan are engaged in promoting the university in social networks and at various events organized by NASO, and also attract AlmaU students to various events in which graduates and students clearly show the level of knowledge gained at the university. The President of PR-shy Kazakhstan and the teacher of the specialty “Public Relations” of the Department of State and Public Policy and Law Karaulova Assel Adilievna - conducts all the lectures in the office of PR-shy, where the living strategy of the university and the brand AlmaU is being drafted among all universities of the republic.