Oskolkov Vladimir Sergeevich


Candidate of historical sciences, associate professor

Office tel: 8 (727)302-21-47


1979-1984  Higher. Specialty: teacher of history and social science. Kazakh State University named after S. M. Kirov.


2001 – till present time Almaty Management University (International Academy of Business before 2015). Position: associate professor of General studies department. Head of General studies department (2003-2004); (2011 – 2012)

1987-2007 – KazNU named after Al-Farabi ( until 1993 – KazGU named after S. M. Kirova), assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor of History Department.


•Deputy Dean of History Department (1987-1990);

•Secretary of the Academic Council of historical faculty (1990-1991);

•Chairman of the methodical Bureau of historical faculty (1996-2000);

•Deputy Chairman of the Expert Committee of EMA MES for historical studies (1997-2004);

•acting head of Department of history of ancient world and middle ages (2001);

•member of the Expert Commission of KazNU in the development and implementation of the new SES and educational plans (2000-2007).

1984 - 1987: secondary school № 36, Alma-Ata. Position: history teacher.

1976-1978 - served in the Soviet Army.

1975-1976 - Zinc plant, Leninogorsk polymetallic plant. Position: electrician for instrumentation and automation devices


Additional work:

1997, 1999, 2005 -2010 - branch of St. Petersburg humanitarian University of trade unions. Position: associate Professor of General studies Department

2007-2008 – Kazakh University of international relations and world languages named after Ablaykhan. Position: associate professor of the Department of Asia and Africa in modern and contemporary times

2006-2007 - Almaty Economic University, position: associate professor of General studies Department

2000 - Branch of the Russian-Kazakhstan modern humanitarian University. Position: associate professor of General studies Department

1997 – 2003 - Almaty Institute of international professions (up to 2000 - Institute for international journalism). Position: associate professor of General studies Department

1997-1999 – branch of Moscow state social University. Position: associate professor of General studies Department

1995-1996 - gymnasium № 8 of Almaty. Position: History teacher.

1993-1997 - lyceum "SENIM", Almaty. Position: History teacher.

2004 – 2009 - expert of the UNDP on the introduction of the course "Human development" in Universities of Kazakhstan.

2006 – 2015 - the expert of the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia on the introduction of elements of education for sustainable development.

2009-2010 – member of the working group of the MES on development of the concept of human capital development in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Scientific Research:

1997 - Dissertation defence on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of historical sciences on the theme "Formation of the concept of interaction between society and nature at S. M. Soloviev and its influence on subsequent historians."

2011 – till present time - Head of "Study of measurement of human capital" laboratory


Internships, trainings, courses:

1. "Technology of formation of innovative thinking and entrepreneurial activity of University teachers", 72 hours in the summer session Business Education Teaches Academy (VETA) Almaty, Kazakhstan. 19-29 June 2014 (Certificate)

2. "Preparing teachers to work in the EO with the use of DOT in educational organizations", Almaty, Kazakhstan. 24-25 June 2014 (Certificate)

3. Training "Application of test forms in new education and certification technologies." June 24 - June 29, 2013, MAB, Almaty. (Certificate).

4. "Winter school MAB" 32 ac. hours. 14-17 January 2014 (Certificate).


Participation in scientific conferences:

1. UNESCO, CAREC. Regional consultation seminar "Education in the field of environment and climate change in Central Asia, increased partnership and knowledge sharing", Kazakhstan, Almaty. 22-23 January 2013(seminar)

2. Branch SPbUP. Tenth international scientific conference "Problems of the ancient world and modernity." Kazakhstan, Almaty. On March 30, 2013

3. CAREC. The leadership program for countries of Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, CAREC. Kazakhstan, Almaty. 16-24 September 2013

4. International scientific-practical conference "Green economy is the future of humanity". The report "Education for sustainable development as the basis for the green economy of Kazakhstan". Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk. May 24-25, 2014

5. CAREC. 5th anniversary leadership Program for Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan Human capital and Sustainable development. Report: Human capital and Sustainable development. Kazakhstan, Almaty. September 16, 2014

6. KazNU named after Al-Farabi. The first conference of the International Humanitarian forum "National idea of "Mangelik El": problems of formation of cultural capital" conducted in the framework of State program "Intellectual potential of the country". Report: Intellectual capital and human capital are the mechanisms of interaction (health). Kazakhstan, Almaty. December 4, 2014.

7. KNU. The third conference of the KAZAKH-GERMAN LOGISTICS FORUM "Kazakhstan as a logistics hub of Central Asia." Kazakhstan, Almaty. December 9, 2014

8. KNU. Presentation: Sustainable development – problems of definition. XII Annual international scientific and practical conference "Central Asia and the European Union: a path to sustainable development". Kazakhstan, Almaty. March 27, 2015(Certificate)

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