Lawyer  is a specialist who takes responsibility for the fate of people,

companies and even countries

Jurisprudence is a science of law taught in high school.

Lawyer is a specialist who realizes legal standards and ensures legal order in various spheres of life.

Academic degree: Bachelor

The fifth subject at UNT – World history

Major subject - World history (at least 7 points in UNT/KTA).


Graduates of this specialty work as:

• assistant of a lawyer, assistant lawyer

• Junior lawyers, lawyers in enterprises (organizations)

• secretaries of courts and judicial meetings

• experts of treasury, Civil Registrar's office

• bailiffs-executors.



• knows the legislation, knows how to interpret and apply laws

• able to communicate with other people and convince them

• able to compile documents in accordance with general statutory regulations

• fluent in the state and Russian languages

• consults on legal issues within the specialization

• assists in the preparation of various legal documents.


Specialized subjects:

• theory of state and law

• Roman law

• constitutional law of RK

• constitutional law of foreign countries

• financial law

• banking law

• criminal law

• forensics

• forensic psychiatry

• legal psychology

• criminal process

• Prosecutor's supervision

• advocacy and etc.


Employment opportunities  - in all spheres of society, regulated by the legislature:

• government and non- government organizations, enterprises, institutions and companies of various forms of ownership, which are legal entities;

• advocacy, Prosecutor's office;

• courts;

• notary's offices;

• legal advice;

• legal departments of various companies;

• government authorities ensuring the protection of order and security, tax authorities and tax police, customs bodies, bodies of justice (Ministry of justice, bailiffs service);

• private detective services.

Approximate salary is from $700

Career growth-  legal expert and leading legal expert of an enterprise, prosecutor and assistant prosecutor, head of department, junior partner, partner of a company.

Duration of studies: 4 years


Forms of training:

full-time (after school) – 4 years

on the basis of TPE (College) full – time- 3 years

remote (second higher) – 2 years

Languages of studies: Russian, Kazakh