Karatayeva Lessya Rollanovna

Doctor of History, Associate Professor


  • Graduate Degree, al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Department of History (1988-1984).
  • Post-Graduate Degree in International Relations, al-Farabi Kazakh National University (1996-1999).
    Additional Training: number of summer schools and seminars on international security issues.

    ACADEMIC DEGREE: Doctor of Sciences (History of International Relations),
  • Thesis for Candidate of Science Degree on “Methods of Conflict Management: Case of Arab-Israeli Conflict”.
  • Thesis for Doctor of Science Degree on “Formation of the System of Counter-terrorism in Central Asia”


  •  (1994-2006) KAINAR University.

Positions:  Lecturer, Deputy Dean of International Relations Department, Head of the Post-Graduate Study Department, Dean of History and International Relations Department;

  •  (2006-2009) al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Positions: Associate Professor,  Chair of International Relations and Foreign Policy of Kazakhstan, Department of International Relations,  PhD Program Director


  • (2009- …) Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under President of Republic of Kazakhstan;

Positions: Secretary for Academic and Research Affairs, Deputy Director for Academic and Research Affairs, Chief Research Fellow. 

Research Interest:

  1. Gender Sensitive Processes and Gender Equality.
  2. Security of Central Asia.
  3. Information Security.


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7. Information security of Kazakhstan: particular aspects, statistics and risks // Central Asian Bureau for Analitical Reporting, Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) // http://cabar.asia/.../lesya-karataeva-informatsionnaya- bezopasnost-kazahstana-chastnye-aspe ..

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11. "The Republic of Kazakhstan and the European Union:

12. prospects of cooperation within the framework of the Agreement on enhanced cooperation and partnership ", June 24, 2016

Teaching disciplines:

Information security issues in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Global Security and Conflict Resolution

National and regional security

Fundamentals of the Foreign Service

1999 - degree of candidate of historical sciences, specializing in international relations, topic: "Methods of resolving regional conflicts (on the example of the Arab-Israeli conflict)".
2010 - Doctor of Historical Sciences, specializing in international relations, topic: "The formation of a system of countering terrorism in Central Asia."