February, 15



We are launching a unique gamification system, which is exclusively for the  students of the School of Politics and Law! 

The goal is to encourage students to achieve high marks in their studies and be engaged in valuable extra-curricular activities by the means of gamification methods. 

Namely, students can earn virtual badges, trophies and medals by completing specific tasks and/or achieving specific outcomes during the whole academic year. Each of your achievement will be advertised on SPL web-site and social media networks (Instagram and Facebook). What's more important, after reaching certain goals at the end of the academic year, the student might acquire a special status as ambassador, consultant or representative of the School of Politics and Law. 

At the end of the academic year, those who have taken a status position will be awarded an honorary certificate and a small gift.

Check out the video trailer on our social networks: 

and the following PPT to get a better understanding of our game.                 

For any question, please contact Vasila Iuldasheva by email: