September, 23

Meeting with Professor Suva Kazuyuki from Shizuoka University

On September 18, a meeting with Professor Suwa Kazuyuki from the University of Shizuoka was held at School of Public Policy and Almaty Management University.

Professor Suwa is a well-known specialist in modern China, its domestic and foreign policy, and international relations. From 1986 to 2004, he worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in the Chinese direction and held various positions in the Japanese diplomatic missions in Beijing, Shanghai and Taiwan.

During the detailed conversation, the current state and prospects of the international project "One belt - One road", the transformation of China's foreign policy, the role and importance of the belt and road Initiative for the development of Japan's foreign policy were discussed.  The participants also discussed various aspects of modern domestic and foreign policy of Japan and exchanged views on issues such as the nature of the development of relations between Kazakhstan and Japan, the national interests of the two countries.