Using many years of successful experience AlmaU on the preparation of managers in sphere of business, the School implements the transfer of best educational technologies into the curriculum of civil servants, managers in education and the nonprofit sector.

Unlike existing institutions, training public servants of Central state administration bodies, educational program of the School focuses on the regional level – training of akims of oblasts, cities, districts, heads of structural subdivisions of local state bodies.

The mission

Strengthening civil service sector through the training of highly professional civil servants with strategic thinking for the state.

Training effective managers of new generation in the field of education, possess modern technologies and tools management. Training of leaders of the civil
sector, who will selflessly serve of Kazakhstan's society and to organize an effective interaction of NGOs with government and the commercial sector.

Strengthening cooperation between business, government, civil society and academic community.


In 2020, the School of Public policy and Law is a leader in Kazakhstan and Central Asia on the preparation of civil servants, managers in the sphere of education, heads of the civil sector in a contemporary format with the new political management thinking.


Education MBA:

Management in the public sector;
Management in education;
Management in the nonprofit sector;

Bachelor degree programmes:

5В050500 - Regional Studies
5В051400 - Public relations
5B050100 - State and local government

Educational master program:

6M051000 – State and local government

Short-term training programs for training and retraining of personnel:

  • School of the young leader;
  • The program of preparation of a personnel reserve;
  • Training seminar for rural Akims;
  • Corporate offsite or remote medium-term programme and the picking for customer inquiries;

Mono thematic seminars and trainings for senior and middle managers, personnel reserve on topical issues of management in different spheres of activity (on-site or at the University).

Dialogue platform

The School is conducted on a regular basis (1 every 2 months) round tables on the theme "Good Governance" with the participation of prominent public figures, leading domestic and foreign scientists and experts, NGO leaders. Round tables provide a forum to improve public dialogue on key issues of politics, economy, education, science, culture, development of civil society.

One of the main priorities of the School of government and public policy is an effective development and modernization of public administration, the formation and implementation of state innovation and socio-economic policy.

Our School works with public authorities at all levels, leaders and teachers of our School are members of the expert groups of the various committees of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The most popular services for the public sector are:
  • Strategic planning - development of state programmes, strategies and other planning documents;
  • Development of operational plans, implementation of the MTSP KPI;
  • Launch the program and project initiatives - one idea on which is formed an integrated state program (project);
  • Examination of decisions, programmes and projects our experts conducted a comprehensive evaluation of solutions (programs, projects) on the subject of financial feasibility, compliance with the goals and objectives, legal of legality, the assessment of the prospects;
  • Preparation of materials for the first persons - free materials with a focus on features of individuals that will make decisions;

Development of schemes for regional governance - the development of complex management decisions, building relationships with the regions.

The result of the system of state measures, strategy map, goals and objectives, key performance indicators.

Participating in various international and national projects, we have gained invaluable experience in effective management and are pleased to offer government agencies, universities and NGOs for additional services in consulting:
  • Development of plans for marketing and promotion.
  • Personnel management.
  • Project management.

Organization of international and regional events (forums, conferences, round tables, etc.).

Analytical studies

The School conducts analytical reseach in political science, sociology, law, economics and related fields. Our research work is aimed at studying the actual problems to provide concrete and actionable recommendations for policymakers and managers. The area of interest of the School also includes research on issues in foreign and domestic policy, socio-economic development of the regions, preparation of materials forecasting and analytical nature to public institutions. Special attention is given to research in the field of innovation policy: global trends of innovation policy and priorities of regional innovation policy. Most of these studies are characterized by interdisciplinary cooperation to improve regional policy and points the way to effective new solutions to pressing problems.