5В051400 - Public Relations


PR (Public relations – public relations) is the creation of the company's reputation. PR - for those who get ability of a journalist with a talent of organizer, communication skills and the ability to find common language with everyone.

The fifth thing at UNT Geography
The core subject - Geography (at least 7 points on the UNT/CTA).
Academic degree: Bachelor

Graduates of this specialty work:

  • Specialists in public relations
  • Coordinators and managers PR-projects
  • Press-secretaries and press officer, legal assistants
  • The copywriters
  • Mediaplaner
  • SMM managers
  • Advertising managers, brand managers
  • Producers, image makers, consultants and experts on image

Experts on public relations learn

  • The principles of ethics and business communication
  • The skills of oratory, critical thinking, logic and theory of argumentation
  • The tools of PR (writing articles, press releases, blogging)
  • Advertising technologies and technologies of building image
  • The use and application of modern telecommunication technologies in PR
  • Skills of conducting sociological and marketing research
  • Technologies of communication management, political and crisis PR
  • Develop a media strategy, the basics of media planning, management of PR-projects
  • Technologies of country branding and brand management


Specialized subjects:

  • computer and telecommunication technologies in PR
  • the principles of business learning
  • country branding
  • media planning
  • advertising business
  • imageology
  • oratory
  • the activities of the electronic media
  • critical thinking
  • logic and theory of arguments
  • Internet journalism
  • PR in social networks


Employment opportunities:

  • Press centres, press services, advertising Agency
  • The departments of public relations, specialized PR company
  • Publishing house 
  • Marketing / research / consulting / advertising / communications Agency
  • Training centers / companies
  • Commercial organizations (corporations, companies, enterprises, firms)
  • Non-profit organizations (educational institutions, associations, foundations, political parties)
  • Public authorities and public institutions, the government
  • Art and show business
  • mass media, news media


Career opportunities - PR-Director, expert, consultant, imagemaker, brand Manager.

Duration of training: 4 years

Form of study:

  • full-time (after school) – 4 years;
  • on the basis of TPO (College) full time – 3 years;

Languages of instruction: Russian, English