NGO Expert Centre

The NGO expert center 
The work of the NGO Expert Centre  focused on the creation, accumulation and provision of current knowledge in the field of institutional development of non-governmental organizations. The centre established and developed a platform for effective interaction of experts in the development of civil sector in Kazakhstan  (


The NGO Expert Centre established on the basis of the IAB within the framework of the project "Initiative of capacity development of civil society in Kazakhstan" with the support of Chevron Kazakhstan.
The purpose of creation of the Expert Centre are: strengthening the capacity of civil sector to provide better services and protect the interests of the population.

The Centre's core activities focus on:
  • The collection, adaptation and development of materials related to the institutional development of NGOs.
  • Providing trainings and consultations on organizational development, management of NGOs, project management clients of the Center, including employees of NGOs, experts, representatives of international organizations, state institutions, business structures.
  • Providing access to methodological materials for customers via the website of the Center on state and Russian languages.



Otarbaeva Bakhytnur Zeinullaevna

Director of NGO Expert Centre

Doctor of political sciences

Associate Professor WAC

Office tel.: 8 (727) 302-21-47, ext.128





1980. - 1989. Kazakh State University named after Kirov, higher and postgraduate education.

2012. - Doctor of political Sciences, 230002 - 23.00.02 Political institutes, ethnopolitical conflictology, national and political processes and technologies.



1980. - 1987. Assistant, Kazakh State University named after Kirov

1989. - 1992.- Teacher at the department of the Kazakh SSR history. Kaz. Pedagogical Institute named after Abay

1992. - 1995. – Senior lecturer of the Department of Kazakhstan History. Almaty state University named after  Abay

1997. - 1998. - Associate Professor of the Department of of Kazakhstan History. Almaty state  University named after Abay

1997. - 1999. - National coordinator of the Soros Foundation in Kazakhstan, Almaty

1999. - 2005. - Executive Director of PF National Debate Center. Almaty

2005. - 2007. - President of PF National Debate Center. Almaty

2007. - 2007. Vice - rector for international relations. Kazakh economic University named after Ryskulov.

2008. - 2009. - Senior lecturer of the Department of philosophy and law at Kazakh-British Technical University

2009. - 2010. Assistant Professor, Department of philosophy and law at Kazakh-British Technical University

27 Nov 2010 –KazNU  named after Al-Farabi

2010. - 2011. – Head of the Department of Social Sciences. MAB

2011. - 2012. - Associate Professor of General studies department. MAB

2012. – till present time - Professor, Department of GSD. Almaty Management University, former MAB


Scientific Research:

Study of the concept of social partnership, interaction between state, business and NGOs, social responsibility of business.