The MediaLab AlamU Center for Multimedia Journalism is an open media workspace based on the principle of dual education. The aim of the activity of the educational laboratory Media Lab AlmaU is to develop media skills among students of the School, to involve students in practice through meetings with players of the PR market, conducting research on the media and PR market. A feature of the project is the format of the center's work: students, under the supervision of mentors, independently and in project groups, initiate various topics and experiment with the production of their own content, learn to collect information, analyze this information, the rules for submitting material to classical media, to social networks, creating and maintaining their own brand.



Fundraising for scientific projects and internships of the School;
Speech at conferences. round tables, seminars, etc. with reports in order to disseminate the experience of the School and the University in specialized educational programs;
Organization of events on the subject of the Laboratory;
Conducting discussions on the development of creative entrepreneurship;
Development of industry expertise in Kazakhstan in the field of media and PR (through interviews and meetings with experts);
Publication of articles on MediaLab issues.



Head: Oleg Khe