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Promotion service “Judicial office”

Almaty city court held a ceremony of launching the pilot project “Promotion of electronic services of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. Organizers of the project - RK Supreme Court and the NGO “Board of Commercial Lawyers “Kazakhstan Bar Association”.

The event was attended by Ilyas Ispanov - the Head of Department to ensurecourts activities the under the Supreme Court; Bakhytzhan Karamanov– the Chairman of the Appeals Board for Criminal Cases of the Almaty City Court; Zhangeldy Suleymanov- a member of the NGO “Board of Commercial Lawyers” “Kazakhstan Bar Association”, representatives of judiciary, NGOs,  students of law faculties of higher educational institutions of Almaty and the Media.

Project format period was for six months, starting from July 1, 2015, the curators - experienced lawyers of the NGO “KazBar” selected law students to participate in the project. Studentshave a prior special training, and they will make consultations free to the citizens and representatives of legal structures and they fulfill practical help on electronic services of the Supreme Court. Consultations will be conducted in specially equipped cabinets in nine courts of Almaty. In future, similar offices will appear in other regions of the country.



Trained young professionals receive appropriate certificates of the Supreme Court and “KazBar”. Participation in the project for students - is the launch pad to their employment in the judiciary and legal “KazBar” structure.

Implemented projects is one more step of the Supreme Court in terms of the development of e-justice with a view to improve access to justice for the general public, to further wide use of information technology in the courts, and simplification of procedure. The project, which has the task of improving the legal culture and literacy of the population, is relevant in the light of implementation of the Plan of the Nation “100 Specific Steps - the Modern State for All”.

Speaking at the meeting I. Ispanov noted: “RK Supreme Court Much has done much to ensure that justice can be clear and transparent. Implementation of this project will enable the parties to go to the court quickly and get free advice on the use of such electronic services of the Supreme Court as “Judicial office”, “Introduction to court documents”, “Examination of the court documents to the notification, and others”.

Ispanov I. and J. Suleymanov signed the Regulation on the implementation of the pilot project “Promotion of electronic services of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.






Within 6 months the Law School of Almaty Management University and students of the 1-3 courses, together with the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan Bar Association will participate this pilot project in seven district courts of Almaty.





18.01.16 joint project ROO College of Commercial Lawyers of the Kazakhstan Bar Association and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the promotion of the Judicial office service was ended with the award ceremony.

The event was attended by:

Kenjebayeva A. - Chairman of the Governing Board of the Association of Commercial Lawyers, managing partner of the Almaty “Dentons” office;

Yelyubayev Zh. - Doctor of sciences (jurisprudence), MCIArb, managing legal adviser of the Eurasian division of the “Chevron” corporation, President of the Kazakhstan Petroleum Lawyers’ Association (KPLA), member of the Governing Board of the Association of Commercial lawyers;

Zhylkaydarova S. - managing partner of the Law firm, member of the Managing Board of the Association of Commercial lawyers;

Kalisheva Zh. - Ph.D. Associate Professor, Dean of the School of Law.

Half a year the students of Almaty Management University Law School under the supervision of curators of the project (KazBar members) advised people how to communicate with the judicial authorities in an electronic format.

The pilot project was implemented in the 9 district city courts of Almaty, and of course, it was not out of difficulties, but joint work of young professionals and their experienced colleagues was very successful. As a result, the main objective - promotion of the project among the population - has been achieved. Students noted that they made consultations for   not only ordinary citizens, but also for lawyers and judges; they called it a unique experience for them.

Equally unique opportunity was in the final event: the students could personally get acquainted with some of the best lawyers in the country. Members of the KazBar Governing Council appealed to the young people. Zhumageldy Sakenovich Elyubaev shared his memories about his student years, and presented his new book “Problems of Legal Regulation of Subsoil Use” to every participant of the project.


Managing partner of law firm “Dentons” and Chairman of the Governing Board of KazBar Kenzhebayeva A. noted the commitment and active civil attitude of each presented student, and encouraged all young lawyers to join the Republican Association, to create their own reputation. The Dean of Law School Kalisheva Zh. thanked the School of Law students for their participation in this project, noting that the pilot project took place in the framework of the Plan of the nation – 100 concrete steps to implement the five institutional reforms of the RK President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Letters of thanks, books and gift certificates to the participants of the project were received from  Zhylkaydarova Sophia, Managing Partner of the “SIGNUM” law firm.


Gratitude and gifts were presented to the students of the 2, 3 and 4 courses of Law School: Bolat Bolatbekov, Tahir Khusainov, Akmaral Shorabekova, Guzaliya Haziyeva, Aysholpan Kabyken, Alima Tokusheva, Zhantore Tashkarayev, Aigerim Mamayeva, Alisher Sambet, Almas Sarsekeyev Anna Peredereeva, Zhaniya Zhakenova, Arna Abdrasheva, Adil Adenov, Malik Amrayeva Julia Shevskaya, Temirlan Kalybekov, Bayan Ahmadiyeva and Elzhan Kabyshev. The main achievements of the students were new skills and a new line in their resume about the participation in the project, which is very significant for the state. Without exception, all members of the KazBar Governing Council stressed that this experience will be an advantage when applying for a job in future. However, the interaction with the students is continuing now. Many experienced lawyers expressed a desire to take the most active and talented students to participate the training internship.


Open Door Day took place in Turksib District Court

The seminar devoted to explaining of the functionality of the electronic information service “Judicial office” of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan was organized in the frame of the training practice for the high school students in the court.

The Head of the Office of the District Court Zhubatov T. said that due to the practical work of students, the possibility of electronic services can be used wider by lawyers and residents of the district.

“Judicial office” provides an opportunity to improve access to justice, optimizes and simplifies the work of all government and judicial authorities, eliminates paper work as well as time and material costs.

It should be noted that over the past year 1514 application were received through the service “Judicial office” to the court, which reviewed 1426 civil cases. The bulk of applications were sent by the representatives of tax authorities, public services and citizens.