Centre of Mediation and Conflict Resolution


The work of the Centre is represented by three areas:

I Research 

  • writing and publishing articles
  • improving the methodological principles, development of mediation
  • study of international experience and its broadcasting in Kazakhstan

II Practical work 

  • organization of training seminars in the population of Almaty city (universities, schools, government offices)
  • providing quality services in mediation, training of practitioners of mediators from among the members of the laboratory.

III Promotion of pilot mediation options

  • study of mediation competencies for teachers and students
  • development and implementation of elective courses in the Master's educational programs.
  • methodical provision of training courses and workshops


Providing high-quality services for alternative resolution of dispute and conflict. Ability to apply theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and techniques of mediation for constructive conflict resolution.


  • Learn the theoretical knowledge and learn practical ways to resolve conflicts.
  • Provision of qualified mediators in the resolution of disputes and conflicts.
  • Implementation of online marketing laboratory, magazines (writing of articles, interviews, demonstration of the dynamics in legislative activity).

Our suggestions:

  • Promote the establishment of mediation market.
  • Make a single concept of mediation development in KazakhstanProviding quality services for prevention of conflicts in various spheres - in the business environment, in the workplace and in the educational system.

Most durable peace is concluded on the basis of consensus, the parties consider the conflict resolved and build their relations on trust and cooperation



Jumakaeva Bakhyt Dauletkhanovna 

Director of Centre of Mediation and Conflict Resolution, business coach